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Tired Of “Bad Sex” Being Your Fault?

Good sex is between you and your partner, but it’s never a woman’s fault for feeling dry or distant. And while society has treated male sexual dysfunction seriously for centuries, historically women weren’t considered sexual beings.

Well today, many women, every bit as sexual as men, turn to Intivar Female Renewal Gel to get their bodies back on the path of passion (and to just plain get it on).

Unlike men, women can still participate in sex if their body isn’t excited, and that’s been a major curse on our kind. But Intivar helps your body get past dryness, friction, pain, and apologies. (Ready to try it out? Click here!)

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Need A Confidence Boost?

As well as treating vaginal dryness, Intivar can help restore the self-confidence that once made you passionate. You’ll not only get more sex—you’ll get better sex. Even feel youthful and frisky without having to force it.

Intivar makes it possible to stop sacrificing passion, because through physical closeness comes the restorative connection that rebuilds relationships, just beginning and time tested. Suffering associated with painful or uncomfortable sex isn’t a death sentence for your love life.

  • Why do I Need Intivar?
  • – Tightens & Improves Elasticity of Your Vagina
  • – Increases Your Natural Lubrication
  • – Does Not Contain Any Harmful Preservatives
  • – Enhances Blood Flow To The Vaginal Area

So, How Does It Work?

Easy to apply without any mess, Intivar invites your partner to enjoy the gentle glide of natural longing.

Almost instantaneously, you’ll experience noticeable results. Luckily, it’s so fun to explore all the welcome effects, from enhanced arousal to increased desire and confidence.

Plus, you’ll want to experiment and explore your renewed sexual spirit with a free Intivar Sex Position Guide that might wear out your bed, but not your desires. You’ll soon see that vaginal dryness was never your fault as Intivar helps you beat the blame game in bed.

This Is Not Just Another “Lube”

Used correctly, Intivar improves lubrication while firming and tightening the Vagina. Increased blood flow to the Vaginal area results in instant constriction as well as heightened sensitivity in sexual response. And, because lubrication is necessary for the production of “good bacteria,” Intivar gel helps prevent bacterial and fungal infection.

Using the trademarked Mirofirm, the gel simultaneously renews Vaginal tissue through restored elasticity. Have a healthier Vagina and a healthier sex life with a 1, 3, or 6-month supply of Intivar.

Remember: as bad as it is to fake pleasure, masking suffering is worse.
You deserve every opportunity for passion.

How To Order

Get one tube free when you sign up for 3 months of full-body satisfaction.

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“The gel is very effective for lubrication and is not sticky at all. Most importantly, I feel comfortable using it on my sensitive skin as the active ingredients are herbal.” – Liyanna, 33

“This product helped to increase my desire in sexual intercourse and my partner is very satisfied because it is tight.” – Ice, 30

“Generally, this female gel did improve my sexual activity, intercourse and sexual arousal.” – Shas, 45

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Much Does Invitar Cost?

There are a few different options to choose from. The first option is the 1 Month Package ($42.50 +$10 shipping), which includes one Invitar packet. The Starter Pack ($75) includes two months of Invitar, free shipping, and a 60 day money back guarantee. The Most Popular Package ($112.50) includes three Invitar packets, plus one extra for free. This also includes free shipping & a 60 day money back guarantee. Last, but certainly not least, is the Best Value Package ($202.50) which includes 6 months of Invitar, plus two extras for free. Of course this includes free discreet shipping, and a 60 day money back guarantee. Ready to order? Click Here!

2. Does Invitar Ship Discreetly?

Yes. Invitar ships discreetly right to your door step, so you need not worry about prying eyes, or embarrassing encounters with your post carrier. Discreet shipping simply means that your package won’t scream “Female Enhancement Product!” 😉

3. Should I Contact My Doctor Before Using This Product?

Although completely safe for the majority of women who use Invitar, we are obligated to tell you that you should always consult your physician or doctor before using any product that may affect your health. Some instances when this product should NOT be used are: during menstruation, by teenagers, by pregnant women, and others, which can be found on the sales page.

4. What Ingredients Are in Invitar?

Mirofirm is the number one ingredient that sets Invitar apart from competitors. This ingredient tightens & firms the vaginal wall & renews vaginal tissues by restoring elasticity. Other ingredients are Quercus Infectoria (Oak) Gall Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana (Witch Hazel), and Panax (Korean) Ginseng. All of these ingredients work to tighten your vagina, and increase blood flow to your sex organs.

5. Are you paid if I purchase this product?

Absolutely. Whether you purchase through this page or somewhere else, your price remains the same. However, receives a portion of sales referred by our web page. We do a lot of work researching and investigating the female enhancement products that we share with you. These referral fees help us keep the lights on.

6. What Happens When I Click The “Buy Intivar” Button?

You will be taken to our partner site, at which point you will be able to select the package of Invitar that you want to purchase. This site will also process your payment and fulfill the shipment of your Invitar product.

Great For Women Who

  • Are Experiencing Dryness
  • Are Menopausal
  • Have Just Given Birth

Why Buy Invitar?

  • 60 Day Guarantee!
  • Free Sex Position Guide
  • Reclaim Your Sex Life!
  • 1 Free Tube*

Instantly Provides

  • Increased Lubrication
  • Increased Arousal
  • Tightening Sensation
  • Improved Elasticity
  • Obvious Results

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Questions before buying? Read our FAQ.

Side Effects?

  • – No Known Side Effects
  • – Stop using if rash or allergic reaction.
  • – Always Consult Physician Before Taking New Dietary Supplements!


  • – All Natural & Made from Botanical Extracts
  • – Mirofirm
  • – Panax Ginseng
  • – Quercus Infectoria
  • – Hamamelis Virginiana

Live life to its fullest (in bed and beyond) with Intivar Female Renewal Gel!